Welcome to Paula's Art Gallery 

Introducing Paula Clyma

Although Paula was a member of the National Art Honor Society in high school, and recognized as "a natural" by her college art professor, she has just recently reentered the art world after a lifetime of a career, family, and over 20+ of service to the National Society Daughters of the American Revolution, with several proven patriots who fought or offered support to the Revolutionary War.

She is also a creative writer, and with the help of a grant from the Truman Heartland Community Foundation in 2019, together a team of community leaders and hisorians, published a children's book, written entirely in poetry on the history of Blue Springs, Missouri, copyrighted under the Blue Springs Chapter NSDAR.

During the COVID-19 panedmic lock-down, her children gave her art supplies for Christmas, and she began painting from photographs of people, places, and things, and fell in love with each one of them, from pets to a little Swiss village her granddaughter visited, to streets of Tuscany, and an ancient castle in Dublin, Ireland. She started a new "Big Sky"sseries, beginning with a resting Big Horn Sheep,"Here's Looking At You." If you look cclosely at her paintings, you will find she left her heart in many of them.